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About us

Nanyka, LLC is a IT company based in Tokyo. We are mainly engaged in flollowing bussiness activities.

Stake Pool Operation

We own and have been operating a cardano stake pool.
The pool is runnning on virtual private servers. It is structured by two relay nodes and one active block producer node and one stand-by block producer node. These nodes are managed by a member of the staff who is IT professional with 25 years of experience.

Contracted development

We are engaged in contracted development for other companies.
We have a lot of experience from requirement definition to testing in mainly web service development.


We provide you the way to make passive income by "Staking". Staking is a part of PoS (Proof of Stake) mechanism by which blockchain keeps and manages the data correctly.

You can receive income periodically by delegating ADA (the native token of Cardano blockchain) to our stake pool. Furthermore, you can support the decentralization effect in the Cardano network by it.

If you have a interest in it, please click here (link to detail page).

Nanyka Stake Pool [NNKA]